CDL Training

REH Holdings, Inc. employees working to obtain their Commercial Driver's License must complete specific training as part of their certification requirements.  The courses below were designed to assist employees in obtaining the hours needed for the requirement.   

  • Complete registration to create an account.  Please enter your FULL NAME and email address we have on file, otherwise, you won't get credit for the course.
  • Please complete all the courses below. (Detailed instructions on the training can be found here.)
  • A certificate will be issued upon successful completion of each course.  
  • Email the Corporate Safety Manager ( after completing ALL the courses.   
  • The Manager will verify the training and apply the hours of successful courses towards your training requirement.  

The following courses, if completed successfully, will total approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes of training. 

Good luck with your training.   

Course Name Counted Time
CDL Engine Start 12 minutes
Distracted Driving 25 minutes
Pre-Trip Inspection Class A 31 minutes
Pre-trip Inspection Class B 35 minutes